Outsmart your Competition with Inbound Marketing

Let’s face it: No matter how powerful paid ads can be, it still has flaws to it that business owners simply can’t ignore -- critical ones, at that.

For one thing, the moment the business owners turn off their ads because they’re out of budget, they pretty much lose all of their visibility or marketing assets online except for their websites or their social media profiles.


While the thought of “running out of money” doesn’t bother some companies because of how deep their pockets are, not many are as fortunate. Other businesses operate with very little money for marketing, to the point where they’re using their personal money for it.

When you think about how expensive using paid ads can be, the whole scenario becomes a total nightmare.


It’s a good thing that there’s a better solution -- Inbound Marketing.

One of the things that make Inbound Marketing remarkable is its sustainability. Once your content is published on the other sites, it will stay there forever. You won’t have to keep on paying money to keep your content “live” unlike how paid ads work.

The best part is, inbound marketing brings TONS of value to your audience increasing its capability to draw them to you. Not only is it not intrusive, but it also helps your audience solve their problems which also helps you establish a relationship with them.

Allow me to share with you this highly effective, affordable, and actionable strategy on how you can outsmart your competitors using inbound marketing.

Publish content on your competitors’ neighboring sites.

The gist of this strategy is quite simple:

Step 1: Research your competitor’s backlink profiles.

Step 2: Come up with the list of authoritative sites that are linking to your competitors.

Step 3: Reach out to these sites and attempt to have your link added to their sites either via guest posts or other means. (Check out this awesome guide by Outreachmama)

You’ll do this because the assumption is that your competitors’ referral traffic is coming from these authoritative sites. Not only that, what’s keeping your competitor's pages ranking on the search engines is the link juice they're getting from these sites as well.

If you implement this strategy on all of your competitors (or at least the top 5 - 10), you’d have a solid link profile. You’ll have truckloads of highly targeted traffic, and you’ll pretty much dominate all of your competitors.

And so the question becomes, how exactly, do you figure out which authoritative websites are linking to your competitor’s pages?

Here’s the process:

  1. Use Ahrefs.com. Go to their “Site Explorer” tool.

Jimmy Outsmart Competition 001.png

  1. Click the “Backlinks” link.

Jimmy Outsmart Competition 003.png

  1. Review the results of the page.

After clicking the “Backlinks” link as shown in the screenshot above, you will then see the sites that are linking to your competitors’ websites.

Jimmy Outsmart Competition 005.png

At this point, you just need to screen the results because some of the sites that would appear aren’t worth pursuing (like the Blogspot sites).

Reach out the sites that you’ve shortlisted.

Now that you’re done sorting out the results from Ahref’s “Backlinks” page and have a list of high-quality sites you can reach out to, it’s time for you to connect with the website owners to have your content (and your link) added.

There are several ways that you can go about doing this:

  1. Ask them to straight-up add your link to their post.

While several marketers are using this strategy, I for one am not a huge fan of it. I feel that it isn’t compelling enough and it doesn’t give that much value to the webmasters.

  1. Offer to do guest posts.

I’d be more likely to use this strategy since we’d be providing quality content for the webmaster -- which can be of great help their audience.

What makes this strategy a bit challenging is the fact that webmasters are often wary of the word “guest post” or “contribute” because of all the spam guest post pitches that they’re getting every.single.day.

  1. Offer to create free infographics.

I’ve been using this strategy a lot more often lately since it’s been getting me way better results than guest posts.

The idea is, you’ll contact the webmasters asking if you could make an infographic out of their existing content. Of course, you’ll mention that you’ll do the infographic for free and the only thing you ask is they attribute the infographic to you by linking to your website.

When you think about it, it’s pretty hard to say no to this deal when you’re the webmaster -- mainly because infographics (or visual content, in general) can help increase the chances of their post getting shared bajillions of times.

Not only that, but their post will also look 100x better with the infographic in it (among other benefits).

Here are some points that you need to consider when you’re creating your outreach template.

  • Always answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” You can bet your horses that the webmasters are thinking that one way or the other. If you don’t give them a compelling enough answer, then they’ll probably just ignore you.
  • Keep it short 3 - 4 paragraphs max (ideally).
  • Personalize your email. Whatever you do, don’t use, “Dear Sir,” You will only get ignored with that kind of greeting. Use their first name, instead.
  • Take the time to create a stunning email signature.
  • Mention one CTA in your email. Adding two CTAs can cause them to be distracted or overwhelmed
  • Focus on how they can benefit from your offer, and not who you are or the things that you’ve accomplished. Think benefits vs. features.

What’s next?

While there are a plethora of other inbound marketing strategies that you can use to dominate your competitors, the strategy I shared above is one of the deadliest that you can ever use. Its concept is solid, and it is proven and tested to have worked as testified by several marketers (including myself). 

That being said, don’t hesitate using it or building upon it. If you take the time to implement the steps, you are bound to get amazing results out of your marketing campaign.

If you’re looking for someone who can help you with your inbound marketing efforts, please reach out to us using this contact form. Cheers!



Jimmy Rodela is a professional blogger and content marketer and a frequent writer for Cactix. His works have been featured on websites with millions of monthly visitors like Yahoo, SEMRush, and Business.com. He is also the Founder of the GuildofBloggers.com